I’ve heard it said that the odds of golfers achieving a Hole-In-One are something close to 12,500 to one. It requires a combination of both skill and luck. On the morning of Tuesday, September… Read more

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Organized Play tennis is always fun on Saturday mornings, but it was especially memorable on Saturday, October 30. Jeff and Anne Williams invited the OP tennis players and spouses to their bea… Read more

We wish to note the founder of Verde Sputters, Marj Cattrell, has passed away. She will be sorely missed. For those of you who never met Marj, she began this great group of ladies and the wond… Read more

When in a more temporal frame of mind during the holiday season, we think of food and good times and gifts— for others, and for ourselves. Lists are made up, thought about, and wished for. Per… Read more

On Wednesday, October 27, the MountainView Lady Putters (MVLP) hosted their first event since the pandemic started two-years-ago with Putter Partners. The putters chose a partner whether it wa… Read more

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Stuart Watkins knows better. He is not wearing athletic shoes with good soles to prevent slipping on the court. Where are his sunglasses to protect his eyes from harmful rays that could damage… Read more

Bob and Kris Hoffman met skydiving. They each have over 2,200 dives! After moving to Prescott, Arizona from Madison, Wisconsin, they decided they wanted a more active retirement community and … Read more

Throughout our countryside, we experience the effects of autumn— refreshing, crisp, morning air reddens our cheeks; darkness lingers later in the morning and arrives earlier in the afternoons;… Read more

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Mr. Softball is a long-time supporter of the game here at SaddleBrooke. He was kind enough to spend a few minutes with us to answer some questions about SaddleBrooke Senior Softball. Read more

The SaddleBrooke Tennis and Pop Tennis Club hosted a Labor Day “Karaoke Night” social for all SaddleBrooke Tennis Club (STC) members and their guests. The event was held on Sunday, September 5. Read more

What a great event to meet new POP players and mingle with current SaddleBrooke Tennis Club (STC) members on the morning of Monday, September 27! The day started with ladies Organized Play (OP… Read more

The SaddleBrooke Tennis Club celebrated the Fourth of July with its second social this year. What a great feeling being able to get together in larger groups. Read more

The Saddlebrook Tennis Club celebrated a special day on the Fourth of July. Rufus Renfrow and avid tennis player celebrated his 94th birthday with around 100 hundred members of the tennis club… Read more

“It’s the people,” was the response that both Landon Sheat and Karen Simmons gave when asked what they enjoyed most about POP Tennis. Landon said he enjoyed it because it seemed to be less com… Read more

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Though they have been playing for several months now, the Verde Sputters held their first luncheon since March 2020. The luncheon was met with enthusiasm by the players and social members for … Read more

Mike Dunbar was our brave DJ who brought his karaoke equipment to the tennis patio on the night of Monday, September 6. Yes, the night of our biggest storm ever at SaddleBrooke! Everything was… Read more

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Spanish conquistadors built the Presidio of San Ignacio de Tubac in 1752. Prominent settlers were offered land grants, thereby making Tubac the first European settlement in the west. Another r… Read more