Letters to the Editor

There are many possible paths to our future. If the president further divides us and deepens the bigotry and hatred between those that do not share the same political/religious views, the end … Read more

Here's my list of possible names for a TV series based on the Trump White House: House of Lies, House of Shame, House of Blame, House of Horrors, House of Sorrow, House of Scorn, House of forl… Read more

All we read about and hear about is hatred. The Republicans hate Hillary. The Democrats have Trump. The Muslims hate the Jews. The white people hate the blacks. Everything is about hatred. Man… Read more

My wife convinced me to get an I Phone and, since I did so, I have become very dependent on all the functions needed daily. I was recently traumatized due to losing it on the road. I called Ve… Read more

I wonder if many people have lost their memories, never knew or just don’t care about what Barr has done. It seemed to me, nobody raised flags about Barr's dubious actions as the AG under Bush… Read more

The administration has zeroed out all funding for the Special Olympics. OK, maybe money is tight. Why is money tight? Because the GOP gave it away to the rich that now enjoy the largest portio… Read more

Arizona lawmakers are considering passing the ridiculous bill, HB 2693. This bill would allow loaded guns on school campuses. Why? Because it’s “too much trouble and is too dangerous to unload… Read more

How did we get here? How did we choose the most unfit and amoral human on the planet to drag us away from the good we once stood for? Adolph Hitler and Osama bin Laden, as evil as they were, s… Read more

Trump played a role in the heartbreaking slaughter of people at two religious gatherings, as cited in the manifesto by the killer. All too many will say that this despicable act was solely per… Read more

I am no longer surprised by the variety of well written opinions submitted this section. As a citizen and open-minded individual it is very nice to know that many here have similar and opposin… Read more

I must find fault with the reader who painted Republicans in a bad light. The Democrats created Social Security. The Republicans resisted the creation of Social Security and Republicans since … Read more

A recent letter writer claimed Democrats are cultists. A real cult started during the presidential campaign when then candidate Trump would denigrate his opponents to the raucous delight of hi… Read more

The political left and the main street media have politicized the southern border wall, but have overlooked, ignored or just never read the laws that have been passed. President Trump is not d… Read more

Last year we spent 19.7 percent of our GNP on health care. This has been increasing over the past five years at an annual increase of 3.8 percent. To avoid a financial crisis, we will need to … Read more

Really, Ms. Spitz. You stated: “Non Sequitur consistently ranks as one of our most popular comics”. You point out, “the tiny and barely legible words” should not have appeared, but why aren’t … Read more

A very large banner displayed at Trump's rally in El Paso said "Finish the Wall," indicating that "the wall" is under construction. The wall is not under construction and the recent bill fundi… Read more

Among my pet peeve’s is the misuse of the apostrophe. Few know, it seem’s, that there are no apostrophe’s in plural’s. Its annoying to me, also, to see that it’s misuse mess’s up its and it’s … Read more

How could you miss the large photo on the front page of Wednesday's Star, of a father holding his son while scaling a border fence at Tijuana? Does it look like their jackets are full of drugs… Read more

Trump's speech lasted nearly 90 minutes and he had a lot to say about his favorite topics. Yet he never mentioned several critical issues: climate change and related weather extremes; foreign … Read more

Columnist Tim Steller says “Pointless razor wire makes border unsafe for residents.” How about a beautiful wall that would make things safer for the nearby residents and the country in general… Read more

I just read an AZCentral.com headlined, “Superintendent Kathy Hoffman calls on lawmakers to raise school funding.” In it, she “called for higher teacher pay” and “charter school reform”. She a… Read more