Letters to the Saddlebag Notes

After reviewing a long-standing policy prohibiting Letters to the Editor, the Saddlebag Notes staff has decided to create a space for resident commentary both in print and on the website. Due … Read more

Most of us don’t like speed bumps, but many of us like to go too fast. There is a way to eliminate the need for more speed humps which disrupt a smooth drive, potentially damage vehicles, and … Read more

SaddleBrooke has a brand-new public forum for opinions, discussions, and observations. For the first time SaddleBrooke residents can submit Letters to the Editor potentially for publication mo… Read more

Letters to the Arizona Daily Star

For most of us, there is no doubt that the President is far more dangerous than we could have imagined in 2016. It doesn’t take a psychiatrist or psychologist to see that trump is, and has alw… Read more

After watching Biden’s press conference on gun control measures he feels are necessary and his statistics on gun related deaths and hospitalization, I cannot help but wonder why he made no ref… Read more

I would like to welcome all those critical thinkers including conservative columnists and TV commentators who refer to themselves as Biden Republicans to the ranks of those of us who cherish w… Read more

What is the Governor of Arizona thinking when he lifts covid mask mandates? Perhaps a political move (since most states with anti covid mask laws seem to be governed by Republicans) than conce… Read more

Recently we have seen mass shooters in Georgia and Colorado kill 18 people. Both were arrested and taken to jail. One was wounded by gunshot. Both remain in custody awaiting justice. Read more

Thank you for acknowledging Adia Barnes and her women’s Wildcats with the newspaper exposure that they greatly deserve. I just watched the 74-59 defeat of Texas A & M and cannot wait for t… Read more

Who Needs Russia, China, Iran or North Korea as enemies? We have our own right here in this purportedly greatest country on earth. We have demagogues like Trump, Limbaugh (rip), Alex Jones, Te… Read more