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Publication Guidelines

Print Articles, Billboard Ads and Photos can be submitted in one of three ways:

  1. From this website. If you have already read the general guidelines that follow, go directly to the Online Submission Form

  2. By sending an email to:, or

  3. If you are unable to submit your ad or photo electronically, you can leave them in the Saddlebag Notes “Treasure Chest” in the SaddleBrookeOne Clubhouse at the top of the staircase. (Only very short articles will be accepted in written form.)

Note: Our office at 15930 N. Oracle Rd. in Catalina can accept paid advertising but NOT articles, photos or billboard ads.


[IMAGE 3385]

Deadlines for the 2023 to 2024 Saddlebag Notes Print Editions


Publication Date

Article & Billboard Ad Deadline

Reservation *

Ads Due **


Friday, December 30

Thursday, December 15

Monday, * December 12

Friday, ** December 16


Friday, January 27

Thursday, January 11

Tuesday, * January 10

Wednesday, ** January 18


Friday, February 24

Thursday, February 9

Tuesday, * February 7

Wednesday, ** February 15


Friday, March 31

Thursday, March 16

Tuesday, * March 14

Wednesday, ** March 22


Friday, April 28

Thursday, April 13

Tuesday, * April 11

Wednesday, ** April 19


Friday, May 26

Thursday, May 11

Tuesday, * May 9

Wednesday, ** May 18


Friday, June 30

Wednesday, June 14

Tuesday, * June 13

Thursday, ** June 22


Friday, July 28

Thursday, July 13

Tuesday, * July 11

Thursday, ** July 20


Friday, August 25

Thursday, August 10

Tuesday, * August 8

Thursday, ** August 17


Friday, September 29

Thursday, September 14

Tuesday, * September 12

Thursday, ** September 21


Friday, October 27

Thursday, October 12

Tuesday, * October 10

Thursday, ** October 19


Friday, November 17

Thursday, November 2

Tuesday, * November 31

Thursday, ** November 9

January 2024

Friday, December 29

Thursday, December 14

Monday, * December 11

Monday, ** December 18

February 2024

Friday, January 26

Wednesday, January 10

Tuesday, * January 9

Thursday, ** January 18

*Reservation – Ad space muse be reserved and paid for by this date.

**Ads Due – This is the date when ads are finalized and ready to go to print.

NOTE: Delivery date to your home can vary depending on the delivery person in your area. If you did not receive a copy of the paper, extras may be available in the HOA-1 Clubhouse.


Regardless of the submission method you choose:


  • Do include a title.
  • Do include the full name of author of the article.
  • Do Not use text boxes or tables in articles.
  • Do Not reference the location of photos as in “(see photo below)” in the article.
  • Do Not copy articles from the Internet.
  • Do Not use capitalizations, bolding, special fonts or graphics of unknown origin.
  • Do Not submit letters to the editor.


  • Do include photo captions at the end of the article. (For those sending by email only.)
  • Do Not use photos in pdf format; they should be in jpg or jpeg format.
  • Do Not use the date/stamp
  • Do Not copy photos from the Internet.
  • Do Not use photos of minors or include their names in articles unless you have the written permission of the parent or guardian. Download PDF Form


Photo Guidelines for the Print Edition

Photos submitted for the print edition should have the highest resolution possible but photo files should be no larger than 9.75 MB. Photos that exceed this size must be cropped or reduced before submission.

For helpful hints on taking photographs click on this link to Jim Hagedon’s articles Photography for Everyone.


Announcements - If you have an article or obituary that needs to be published before the next print edition, you can submit it for posting on the Website.

Photos for the Reader Photos – Photos for the website do not need to have the high resolution required for the print edition. See Jim Hagedon’s article Publishing Your Photos on the Web.

Recipes - Share your favorite recipes.

  • You may send us recipes you have taken from books or the internet only if you have made substantial modifications.
  • Do not submit recipes you have downloaded from the internet or from publications unless you can provide written permission to reprint them as is.
  • You can submit a photo of the dish if it is your own photo or you have written permission to use it.
  • You may submit recipes from manufacturer website designed to promote their product.