I’m excited that Saddlebag Notes is setting up a web space for sharing your photos with others in our community! I believe this will provide a nice common space to share photos with folks in our area and for all of us to learn from the works of others. Maybe it will also help inspire us to go out and take more photos!

I have a few thoughts for sending in your photos. These are just things to consider. If it looks good on your screen, it should look good when published on the web. There are all kind of “rules” for making a good photograph, but I believe these go out the window in a case like this. If you have a photo you really like, by all means, send it along!

Beyond that, perhaps most important is that your photo file size does not need to be big. For printing, we typically think of resolution at 300 dots per inch (dpi). For web use, 72 dpi is typical, but you can experiment with that. For cameras with large image sensors, a typical image will generate a file between 25 and 50 Megabytes (MB). Even recent SmartPhone cameras generate files in the 10-12 MB range.

I encourage you to submit photos. This will be a learning experience for all of us, and you can be a part of making this “album” a great experience for everyone!

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