The Verde Sputters were off to a good start with 57 players and three guests. Five Sputters got the low score of 38: Laura Berkley, Opal Larkin, Sue Ryan, and Sue Spaniol. Close behind was Nancy Bowersock and Cathy Howard with a low score of 39.

Cathy Howard and Ellane Jepson each got three Hole in Ones. Lee Kump and Georgianne Zigarowicz, each got two Hole-in-Ones. There were 20 hole-in-Ones by our Sputters: Helen Bellacqua, Carolyn Bewalda, Kathy Bigos, Nancy Bowersock, Mary Ellen Clark, Jan Deschamp, Pam Elvy, Connie Kotke and Opal Larkin. Mickey Levich, Linda Lewis, Jean Matheson, Lydia O’Connor, Shauna Rand, Kathie Roberts, Sue Ryan, Sue Spaniol, Penny Stowe, Karen Taylor, Vicki Wermager, and our one guest, Bobbi Nicholas, also had a hole-in-one.

Finally, there was a money-hole winner. Who was it, you ask? Jean Matheson— inquiring minds want to know—did she do her little dance when she got the hole-in-one and again when she won the money hole? If you think the course was too easy, or too hard, you only have Carolyn Bewalda to thank.

After Sputting, 51 members and one guest arrived in the Vista room to dine on a trifecta of tuna, egg, and chicken salads on a bed of lettuce. It was delicious. I cleaned my plate and was ready for the chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Judy Anick won the free lunch. She said it was her first time in the 30 years she has been a member.

Helen Bellacqua opened the meeting with announcements about ordering your shirts, jackets and name tags. Donna Bujnovsky presented the 2023 awards.

Marilyn Palatas won the awards for Lowest Score (34), Lowest Average (38.1) and Most Improved Player (-2.6). Laurie Miller received an award for Most Hole in Ones (26). Penny Stowe will receive her Star on Monday, February 12.

We sang Happy Birthday to our Birthday Sputters: Sue Bartholme, Jeanne Moehn, Barb Rempel, Joni Campbell, Judy Lancaster and Carin Nerseaian.

The committee members of Marilyn Palatas, Sue Ryan, Donna McPherson, Sue Gerlach and Janet Knowles took over the meeting with a theme “Love Yourself”. This committee is also donating a big share of their budget to the Food Bank in Mammoth. They have created valentine bags to give to middle school girls to include emery boards, combs, lotion, soap, book, toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, the committee handed out bags to all of us with 3x5 love cards with messages such as, “Don’t’ take yourself seriously”, “Wine is cheaper than therapy”, “Happiness is not by chance, but by choice”, etc. Next, sheets were passed out with baby pictures of the Board members. We had to guess who each one was. One table guessed six of them. I think the rest of us were lucky to get one and that one was Ms. Sue Leasure. She couldn’t hide that smile even as a baby!

The Next Verde Sputters luncheon will be held on Monday, March 4. See ya there!

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