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The Sibley Guide to Birds lists 48 species of Emberizine Sparrows; the Emberizidae family of 20 genera that includes sparrows, towhees, juncos and a couple of buntings. Of these, Tucson Audubo… Read more

Living in the desert southwest, you might think a "kookaburra" was a crazy donkey, unless you remember the children’s song, and even then you might wonder what a gum tree was. On the other han… Read more

Many, if not most, of our birds are monogamous, like the Curve-billed Thrasher. Happily mated for life, these birds work together. They build their nests jointly, hang out together and share p… Read more

Mexico’s two peninsula states, aptly named Baja (lower) California and Baja California Sur (south) are always a delightful destination, but February might be the best time to visit. Amazing bi… Read more

If you see a group of birds together and call it a "flock," you may be missing an opportunity to brighten your language and impress your friends. You’re probably familiar with a few of these a… Read more

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There he is every morning and afternoon from May to September patrolling the driveway and walkways in front of our house. Every once in a while he darts across the street to challenge his look… Read more

Over the years I have often been called to remove “baby Gila Monsters” from garages, patios and gardens of residents only to find a Banded Gecko. This soft, delicate and fragile 4-6 inch lizar… Read more