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When we lived in West Linn, Oregon, we lived on the Willamette River, a broad slow-moving river that flows south to north into the mighty Columbia at Portland, Oregon. We lived in that house 1… Read more

Mexico’s peninsula state, aptly named Baja (lower) California, is always a delightful destination, but February might be the best time to visit. Amazing birds are seen at any time of the year,… Read more

Many birders have a strong secondary interest in butterflies. This is understandable, considering that butterflies are found in the company of birds, are equally colorful and are often mistake… Read more

Summertime in SaddleBrooke is a secret we don’t share with snowbirds. Sure, we joke with them about the dry heat, tell them our summer monsoon should be renamed the summer ‘nonsoon’ and encour… Read more

Peppersauce Campground is closer to Oracle, Arizona than it is to Mt. Lemmon, yet it is one of six campgrounds listed as ‘on’ Mt. Lemmon. To get to the other five campgrounds, you take the Cat… Read more


Just over a year ago I wrote my first column for SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch Master Gardeners. Titled, “Ocotillo: Dead or Alive,” it was inspired by my own Ocotillos that had looked dead f… Read more

The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension trains gardening enthusiasts of Pinal County as Master Gardener Volunteers who help their fellow citizens grow better gardens and more sustainab… Read more

The summer of 2021 has been a marvelous time for gardening in our SaddleBrooke/SaddleBrooke Ranch communities. Tomatoes, squash, potatoes, lettuces, herbs, and flowers were abundant before the… Read more

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One day, several years ago, I saw a very strange looking snake crawling across a trail. It was a kingsnake, but without the yellow and black ring patterns—in fact, it had no pattern, but had p… Read more

Over the years, I have met far too many SaddleBrooke residents that have lost their much loved pets to a predator. Even though a resident was in the yard with his dog and had the patio lights … Read more

I got many calls last summer and fall from residents wondering who or what was digging up their gardens and potted plants. The answer is skunks. Then they wanted to know if they could relocate… Read more