I am a refugee. First from the Democrat party and second, from the Republican party. I have been a registered Independent as a party of one for over twenty years. This journey was inspired by the sentiment; The Democrats are driving this country toward the cliff at one hundred miles an hour, the Republicans at seventy miles an hour. Not that there are not differences in policy between the two major parties, there are. The results of both will be our country going over the same cliff.

That was until Donald Trump. He is not a politician. He loves this country as do I and most Americans. For that reason, the politicians (of both parties) hate him. He is changing the game. For that reason, I support Donald Trump and by extension Martha McSally. Mark Kelley is in the usual political mold and will oppose everything in the Trump agenda. Martha will not. In short, Mark Kelley is a “poser”. Trump is a “doer”.

Ronald Switzer


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.