As she explores the forest surrounding her cave high in the mountains of Colorado, wood nymph Serena indirectly senses her connection with Caroline Howard. The young girl belongs to a church-going and God-fearing family dominated by its alcoholic patriarch, Bill Howard. He tortures his family with a particular abuse chosen for Caroline. She must find a way to stop her father and change the trajectory of her life.

In her just-released book of fiction, “When the Birds Stopped Singing”, SaddleBrooke Author Karla Trippe shares her knowledge of spirituality through the narrative of the lives of Serena and Caroline. The US Review of Books applauded this work, commenting, “The author does a commendable job of weaving the more surreal interactions between Caroline and Serena with the incessant trauma of Caroline’s home life. In thought-provoking discussions, Trippe appeals to abuse victims working to heal their trauma, and in many ways, Trippe is the Serena to the countless Carolines reading her work.”

Her first published book, “Scenes from the Valley“, based on real-life stories, revealed women’s choices in response to the precarious work environment in Silicon Valley. Each chapter ends with guidance on how to manage a difficult work situation and turn it to the reader’s advantage. Along the way, the book provides a fascinating history lesson on the glory years of Silicon Valley in the 1990s. The book is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in some local book Barnes & Noble stores.

When not writing books, Karla blogs about female empowerment, spirituality, and traumatic healing. She resides in HOA-2 with her husband, David, and two rescue cats, Frank and Joe.

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