Over the holiday season our best friends made chili one evening while we were visiting them at their vacation home in Palm Springs. They just retired to Alabama and someone there taught them h… Read more

Over the holiday season our best friends made chili one evening while we were visiting them at their vacation home in Palm Springs. They just retired to Alabama and someone there taught them h… Read more

This is a simple and easy to make dessert and it is especially good in the summer. If you do not appreciate one or another of the fruits, you can always substitute to your tastes. If you use m… Read more

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While reading the paper the other day I saw that the apple crop is starting to come in. It’s earlier than other years, but the quality of apples is much better. I present some apple desserts f… Read more

You may not think you can grow much besides cacti and trees in SaddleBrooke but I want to tell you that we have citrus (lemon, lime, orange, kumquat), and this year we have apples, corn, squas… Read more

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As we close the holiday season, it always seems that I am looking for a new dessert. Many people are interested in finding something to take the place of cakes and pies. When I was growing up,… Read more

Last year I attended many Weight Watchers meetings and I not only lost weight, but also learned a lot about healthy eating and have prepared many new recipes that will be helpful to all of us … Read more

Before it gets too hot to heat the oven and warm the kitchen you will love this recipe. My best friend says it is even better the second day and is a great do-ahead for a gathering or company.… Read more

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Here it is, almost time for bathing suits, shorts, capris. It can’t come too soon for me. I no longer like the cold weather and when it does get cool I enjoy cooking, baking and preparing good… Read more

Summer is a great time for grilling, but sometimes it a lot easier and hassle-free to cook indoors. That’s where a cast iron skillet comes into the picture. Every kitchen should have one – it’… Read more

It is not often that a son sends his mother a recipe. But mine did! I was shocked, but once I got over that feeling, I tried it and was equally shocked at how good it was. I think you will agr… Read more

This is a super easy dessert and, even though you may think it is too hot to use the oven, it is well worth it. Make it early in the morning or later in the evening and the house will not heat… Read more

My daughter came for a visit shortly after the New Year began and she had only one wish, “Please show me how to make Chicken Cacciatore.” Since I got the recipe from my mother, I was anxious t… Read more

Whenever we visited my sister in Pennsylvania, she would prepare the following dinner for us. Much of it can be prepared ahead of time and then placed in the oven prior to sitting down to eat.… Read more

The other day I walked into the grocery store and what did I see? The best-looking peppers – large, shiny, obviously fresh, and multiple colors – green, red, orange, yellow. I started to think… Read more

It will soon be that time of year when we crave some hot soup or soul food. The following recipe is easy to make and, if you have a slow cooker, you can make it in the morning and it will be r… Read more

This month you are in for a treat – I am sharing an “original” recipe. I try very hard to prepare nutritious, low-cal and low-carb meals whenever possible. They can be very delicious and quick… Read more

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This sure has been a hot summer! And there’s still more to come. At times like this I think of looking through my Lemon and Lime Cookbook, which I received from the author, Rick Donker who hai… Read more

“Summertime, and the living is easy” so the song goes. And, you’re having the girls over for cards – or, your daughter just called and wants to come for a visit. Or, better yet, you just want … Read more

My daughter loves to cook and bake. She sends me a lot of recipes and I am able to sample a lot of dishes when we visit. This is a new recipe I had never heard of and she makes it for all spec… Read more

I love chocolate – it has always been my downfall. Even though the weather is heating up now, you can bake early in the morning before it gets too overly hot. The tube pan (the one you use to … Read more

I am always looking for the best recipes for this column. Sometimes friends and neighbors suggest a favorite recipe of theirs. I try them and, if I think my readers will appreciate the minglin… Read more

This winter is really cold and when this weather hits I think of soup or stews as comfort food. This recipe can be like a soup if you do not use too much seafood but it can be like a stew as y… Read more

I remember the first time I tasted Lentil Soup. It was about 35-years ago, and I was on my first visit to the little mining town of Jerome. It was lunchtime and we went downstairs into a littl… Read more

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When I was working (a long time ago) we exchanged recipes around the office and one of my co-workers shared the following with us. Of course, none of us had much time to bake, but now that we’… Read more

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When my daughter visited for Thanksgiving she asked if she could make breakfast on Sunday. She told me ahead of time what I should have on hand and this is a wonderful recipe for brunch guests… Read more

Here we are, getting ready for another winter season. Some days we need our comfort food and my friend Lori at More with Less Today has given me a fitting example of just such a meal. She know… Read more

This recipe is called “cupcakes” but they can be “muffins” also. I have made them with raisins and nuts and they make great breakfast cakes. Before scooping into the muffin tins, add 1/4 cup o… Read more

This recipe is called “cupcakes” but they can be “muffins” also. I have made them with raisins and nuts and they make great breakfast cakes. Before scooping into the muffin tins, add 1/4 cup o… Read more

Not only does this recipe take less than 30 minutes to prepare, but it can be served for a quick dinner or also as an “after party” breakfast. Leftovers heat in the microwave and sometimes tas… Read more

Over the years I spent hours making homemade gifts for relatives and friends and felt real pride in giving holiday gifts that really meant something. One year I bought a loom and made potholde… Read more

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Once again it’s that time of year when we have large get-togethers: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, summer visitors, Unit parties or “just because.” My niece sent me this recipe and it… Read more

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Before we know it, winter will be here – I promise. Most of the winter visitors will have returned and we will resume our friendships with some lovely people. It will be time to have coffee an… Read more

When I walked into the produce department of the market the other day, I could not help noticing the assortment of apples and pears. What a harvest this season! You may want to look up my arti… Read more

Until recently, I had never had a mango. While dining at a restaurant it was served with my salmon and I fell in love with the taste and texture. After doing some research I found that they or… Read more

There are a lot of recipes for New England Clam Chowder (the creamy one) but I have found only a handful for the eastern red-style Manhattan Clam Chowder. When my best friend from high school … Read more

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At this time of year during Halloween and Thanksgiving we notice fresh pumpkins in the stores and stands everywhere we go. The pumpkins are really nice for decorations, but then what do you do… Read more

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One of the “comfort” foods I enjoy the most is chili. I have tried many different recipes and some are okay, some are not my preference, but now I have found a Super Chili that I think will be… Read more

The Lemon Lime Cookbook by Richard B. Donker has been an ongoing source for some of my recipes because the use of citrus juice and zest adds a certain lightness to chicken and fish recipes. It… Read more

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It’s holiday time again; can you believe it? This month I am introducing you to two new recipes that can be used at home or as a take-with dish to your friends or neighbors. And they are prett… Read more

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