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The cover of the April 1998 issue features a photo of a snow-laden tree and snowflakes falling all around, taken by Vic Lynn. While we can delight in the beauty, we know it had to be cold for … Read more

As I perused the archives in search of a past article about love with hearts and valentines I found this front page news photo from 2007. It was all too familiar and reminiscent of the "blizza… Read more

I thought these excerpts from the December 2000 Paw Prints article “From Hutch” were timely given our suddenly cooler weather and the holidays. And with Christmas 2018 still lingering in the a… Read more

The last day of January was designated as the Grand Opening of MountainView Gold Club and Phase II Homes. A few things of minor interest. Mainly, a mere $100,000 cash prize if you got a hole i… Read more

One quiet day in the office as I was searching through files for something I cannot now remember, I found a replica of the first issue of SaddleBag Notes. It had been reproduced on the front p… Read more

Saddlebrooke Stories Through The Years

My home town of Portsmouth in Hampshire, England has been a naval base since medieval times. Since then it has been the premier base for the British Navy and occupied a strategic role during W… Read more

Thanks to Kristal MacDough’s article last month, we were contacted by Joan Chorost (formerly Joan Evans) who wanted to share some of her stories and those of her neighbors about SaddleBrooke’s… Read more