With the advent of fall and cooler weather, many residents are returning to SaddleBrooke. This means more traffic on our roads and increased use of our multi-purpose pathways. So, I would like to remind everyone: residents, guests, and SaddleBrooke employees to be extra careful.

Pedestrians, remember that unless you are walking on a sidewalk, you must walk against the flow of traffic so that you can see oncoming cars, bikes, and golf carts… and they can see you. It’s the law.

Drivers, always be watching for pedestrians and cyclists, especially at intersections. I myself got careless, and did not see a pedestrian at Ridgeview and SaddleBrooke Blvd.; fortunately, she saw that I did not see her and smiled at me when I finally did… far later than I should have.

Cyclists, please be mindful that you are required to adhere to the same regulations as vehicles; equipping flashing LEDs also aid others in quickly identifying your presence. We all share the responsibility of navigating our roads and paths safely and courteously.

I hope that we all enjoy the cooler weather without incident!

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