As life changes, so does our use of space. While downsizing may be the logical move for some people, it doesn’t consider the unique needs of each individual, needs that may have recently changed given the unprecedented lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic.

Rightsizing is updating your living space based on current life needs. Between the many career, hobby, family and activity changes we experience, it makes sense to find the right home for you. Instead of compromising to meet the needs of your current home, rightsizing can be a liberating alternative. Sometimes that can mean choosing between a larger or smaller home, a different floor plan, different amenities and more.

Making the decision to rightsize your home based on your current lifestyle is exciting! Take the time to think about what you want. This could mean maintaining the square footage of your single family home, but moving to a villa in SaddleBrooke or a townhouse or condo in a different locale. It could mean moving into a home half the size of your present one, but in a different neighborhood. It could even mean getting a bigger home that better suits your needs in your current neighborhood. Whatever rightsizing means for you, making the transition will help align your desires with your surroundings and have you breathing a sigh of relief when you step foot in your new (or renewed) home.

While you consider what your right sized home would be, start with some simple tips and approaches, to reduce clutter and achieve more freedom and fun:

  1. Start with the easy stuff.
    Eliminate anything that’s broken, damaged, or no longer wanted. Then, go to the out-of-the-way spaces like attics, crawlspaces, and garages. Progress in these "easier" parts of your home will help you build momentum and tackle the harder-to-decide areas.
  2. Ask yourself, "If this disappeared tomorrow, would I run out and replace it?"
    If you wouldn't miss it or need to replace it, it's probably not worth keeping.
  3. Don't be a storage unit for others.
    If friends or relatives have left things for you to store, it's time to ask them to pick up their possessions—or arrange to have them shipped. You may need to be tough and set a firm deadline, after which you will donate the items.
  4. Ask for help.
    Although you can do much of this work on your own, a family member, a good friend, or even a professional organizer can help make the job more manageable.
  5. Decide what's important.
    Pretend you are moving overseas, but you can only take a severely limited number of items because it costs a small fortune to ship them. What items belong on your list? These are the things that matter most to you!
  6. Is this something from a lifestyle I no longer have or want?
    For example, if you have three cabinets full of plastic containers, but only cook for one or two people, it’s reasonable to eliminate a few plastic sets—and dishes, pots, and pans.
  7. Schedule a regular time each week—or several days a week—to work on rightsizing.
    Realize that rightsizing is a life-changing marathon, not a sprint. You didn't accumulate everything overnight, and you won't sort it all out overnight, either.
  8. Value what you keep.
    The fewer things you keep, the more you will treasure and enjoy what you have, instead of tucking items away in a closet or stacked among dozens of other things. These are the select, meaningful items worth having in your personal space.
  9. Prevent new collections from forming.
    Instead of material gifts, ask people to spoil you by sharing time, enjoying new experiences, and helping you indulge in luxuries (spa certificates, imported chocolate, a musical or other theatre production, gift certificates for dinner out, etc.). In other words, ask for special treats that you love and want, but don't always buy for yourself.
  10. Use age to your advantage.
    Now is a great time to give items to family members that you eventually want them to have. Take a photo (preferably a digital one) of your recipients holding their treasured gifts and create a scrapbook of "next-generation" memories. These images can serve as powerful reminders of your most cherished items moving forward into posterity with the most special people in your life.

If your current residence doesn’t support your current life goals, give us a call at (520) 271-3642 to discuss your rightsizing options.

List Source attained from National Association of Realtors SRES blog.

Specializing in SaddleBrooke, Oro Valley and NW Tucson properties, Realtor Beth Fedor also serves on the board of SaddleBrooke Community Outreach, where she co-chairs the annual SaddleBrooke Remodeled Home Tour. She is the former communications director for Pusch Ridge Christian Academy K-12, and a prior TV advertising account executive with KVOA and KGUN. A forty-year resident of Tucson since college days, Beth is a proud Wildcat and a passionate part-time sailor. Email:

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