Let’s face it, when you talk about creative photography, the field is wide open. Unlike the technical side of photography that can be mastered by following specific workflows, there are no clear workflows for being creative. This is what makes creative photography challenging. It’s also why many photographers find photography to be a lifelong learning experience. While you can master the technical side of photography, the creative side often requires you to come up with something new to accomplish your goal.

Every second Wednesday of the month we have a class at the Agate Room HOA#2 that starts from 7 p.m. till our creativity is spent for the evening.

It’s an evening filled with colorful backgrounds, playing with lighting, taking ordinary objects and turning them into art form. We have so much talent in one room. If you are challenged by the technical aspect of your camera you will have someone that can help you. If you want to add pizazz to your flower or food photography or anything you want to really spice up, we have great resources and creative minds to help you achieve your goal. The best part of the Creative class of course, is when you hear a photographer say, “I didn’t know I could take a photo like this” or “I love coming here and get inspired to try something I never thought I would try.”  Our goal is to have an environment where we can all contribute our ideas and share our techniques and inspire one another.

For those of you who enjoy the social media the Creative class will give you an opportunity to really make your photos stand out. We have some wonderful social media gurus in our group that can also help you promote your work whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media you might be using. And if you just love sharing your photos with your family and friends again with some creative touches it can really wow your audience. Just remember there are no limits and there are no rules when it comes to being creative. This class is to help you get your creative ideas and vision to come alive.

We look forward to seeing you and creating beautiful photos together.

In addition to our monthly meeting for the Creative class, you can always join us at the Agate Room at HOA#2 Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. every week. For inquiries about our weekly meet ups or to join our club, contact Roddy Wilder at 520-500-6077.

Inquiries regarding the Creative Class you can contact Dee English (520-730-9081 or email her at beyondfotos@hotmail.com)