The Star is consistently beleaguered with complaints from the right for being supportive of the liberals. In the Sunday paper a poll was published showing the numbers for the upcoming election.

Polls show a clear advantage for the Dems in a big way, while a 2 to 1 margin exists for most races, the Sheriff race favors Napier. Can you image that result in a dominant red county? The fact that the Star endorsed a GOP candidate in more than one race is telling of their fairness.

The fact is that the GOP is losing members. It is not surprising, in that a party that espouses as much vitriol and hatred towards those who do not share their opinions will weaken and fade away. We are Americans before belonging to any party.

The liberals are often called haters, but it is projection. I again cite the poll which shows the liberals indicating a better candidate in the Pima Co. Sheriff race. Would the right do that in this time?

Jeff Rayner


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.