I have only lived in SaddleBrooke for a few months. One major reason I came to SaddleBrooke was courtesy driving and safety signage efforts. During my many occasions to visit SaddleBrooke over the last 5 years, I was always impressed with the efforts I saw put forth regarding speed and safety for the residents.

Sadly, I now realize, that while the situation is “somewhat” improved here, it is still a problem. Reading your article, I became confident it is not just me that resents the danger and rudeness demonstrated by our own residents that live here. Like the examples of curb jumping.

Our sight, hearing and ability to move quickly to get out of harms way are compromised to some degree or another..SB is an outdoor, walking community that should have priority to a sense of safety. And then, there are our pets. . When trying to enjoy a leisurely walk, it’s most alarming and annoying when a speeding vehicle passes going WAY to fast and WAY to close.

Carolyn Davidson


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.