The Prayer Walk in Washington was the most inspiring thing in 6 months. People walked along pool to the Washington Monument. There were no police in riot gear being assaulted by protestors. I saw people of every age, and race peacefully walking in our beautiful capitol. Groups of 3, 4, or more spontaneously bowed their heads in prayer linked arms or embraced. Speakers from country singers to sports figures, religious icons such as Loretta King united in love of our country and it's people.

This is the America I love and pray for. It is imperfect like anything made by imperfect humans. It is also the country people worldwide want to be a part of. Stop this epidemic of hatred and violence on city streets. Heroic men and women left home and all they loved to save the world from tyranny 60 years ago. Today we descend into the killing of police officers in their cars. Save our Country. Pray for forgiveness, and tolerance everyone.

Ethel Maloney


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.