We’re told to judge the actions of others but not others themselves. Yet most people are what they do; to judge their acts is to judge them.

We have two people who can be judged for what they’ve done. The difference couldn’t be greater than between Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Donald Trump. RGB fought for equality not only for women but for everyone with a subtle combination of intellect, reason, and truth.

Then there’s Trump: a hostile stranger to intellect (knows more than “his” Generals and public health professionals) and to reason (goes with his gut). He has set a record for lying -- over 20k. The truth is what he says it is. He has whipped the Republican Party which now bends over backward and forward pandering to Trump to get what they want. The GOP is a Mephistophelian joke.

By any moral standard, Trump has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. To his supporters: is this how you want to be judged?

Sam Sherrill


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.