It is good to see that Donald Trump is doing well from his bout with the coronavirus. I wish him a complete and speedy recovery.

I am shocked, however, at his stating during one of his hospital photo-ops that he now knows what it (the virus) is all about and he now "understands" it. What? After 8 months of first downplaying COVID-19, then calling it a Democratic hoax, then saying that it would someday just magically disappear, then faced with over 7 million sick with it and over 209,000 dying from it, he only now understands it? He has consistently shown a total disregard for the health of others by encouraging them to ignore the advice of the experts by foregoing the use of masks and social distancing. His campaign rallies and his White House events like that in the Rose Garden are all petri dishes for spreading the virus.

Donald Trump has shown continued bad judgment and irresponsibility in handling this country's worst pandemic since 1918.

Gladys Lujan


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.