My assessment of mail in ballots and the problems that have occurred because of the ill conceived hope that it make the election more fair. I recently purchased a home in Saddlebrooke but still live in Washington State. I received 3 ballot applications in the mail to vote in November 3rd election in Arizona. I am but one example. How many ballot applications were sent out and actually processed. I tore mine up out of frustration and disgust that the most important and sacred right of a free and fair vote for the leadership of this country has been usurped by those who have exposed their hate and disdain of the freedoms and opportunities that all of it's CITIZENS have. They don't want you to have the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS that this country was founded on, they want power and control over me over you and over everything we have and do. The greatest nation in the world has bowed to the left. SAD.

Michael Cook


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.