Two hostesses of the $100,000 cash prize giveaway

The last day of January was designated as the Grand Opening of MountainView Gold Club and Phase II Homes. A few things of minor interest. Mainly, a mere $100,000 cash prize if you got a hole in one, which was set up at the driving range. Alas, for the contestants, no one made it- although one gentleman’s ball struck the pin at the base, only to careen 30 feet away. The 15 closest to the pin got to play one ball each in a shoot-out to a pin 153 yards away. The three closest were awarded plaques and the winner also received a very nice putter. This was all sponsored by SaddleBrooke Cable jointly with the Golf Channel (43) who gave the putter. For over six and one-half hours, Karri Kelly, Executive VP of Cable TV was active giving, gosh knows, how many prizes. Let’s say a lot. All of these were from the raffle where any TV subscriber received a free ticket, additional ones to let those who paid to hit (up to 5) additional golf balls. One ball was free. These prizes included one full year’s subscription to HBO, The Golf Channel tote bags, towels, hats and handfuls of tees. All of this, we were told, was The Golf Channel’s way of showing their “Total Appreciation.” It was really a fun, exciting affair. The only sad note was that old what’s-his-name here tried everything and won nothing. Ain’t fair, is it?