Well, it’s that time of year where we just got through putting all the Holiday items away, swept the floors, dusted the furniture, and realized our homes look naked.

Stop right there… naked is not such a bad idea, if you think about it. At least my husband doesn’t think so!

This is where I get creative and start placing things I put away during the Holidays in a new setting.

If it was on the buffet before December, it is now near the fireplace or in the family sitting area. One of the things that truly drives Jimmy crazy is my ability to move items from one section of our villa to another and yet make it look amazing in a new spot.

I also did finally purchase two matching lamps for our seating area at a very reasonable price and totally changed the look.

I’ve learned that at our age, costing more doesn’t necessarily mean it looks better. We don’t have kids to pass this stuff on to, so most will go to an estate sale or our favorite place… the Goose!

For now, we are content with furniture and accessories that will be comfortable for the next few years but if we want to make a change in style, we can without feeling like we are throwing money away.

I also ordered some new table runners which will enhance the furniture at a very reasonable cost and give our space a totally new fresh feel...

We did splurge on a new oblong patio umbrella which gives Jimmy pleasure and an entirely different look to our outside living area. If you travel Lago Del Oro, you can’t miss our place… just look for the colorful umbrellas and give a toot hello.

Having outdoor seating options is one of the best ways to enjoy SaddleBrooke almost year-round. More about that in a future issue.

Meanwhile, enjoy our home and don’t be afraid to switch things up a bit. You’d be surprised at how many comments you get like “Is that new? I’ve never seen it before”…and who knows, you may be able to sneak in a new piece or two and no one will be the wiser!

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