Are you planning on doing some remodeling? Adding a patio or ramada? Pool or spa? New windows? Doing major repairs?

Whatever the thought is, you should be aware of how important it is to find a reputable contractor and not just rely on a fancy ad on TV or the radio.

One of the best places to start is the “Contractor Book” which is provided by both HOA- 1 and HOA-2. The book contains a good source of ratings on most of the contractors who regularly perform work in SaddleBrooke. HOA-1 has an online edition at and HOA-2 will soon follow which is a great beginning resource.

You can also research the Arizona Register of Contractors at to see if a Contractor does indeed have a current license, his track record, any open or closed negative issues, license number and insurance and bonding information.

Arizona requires that any job being performed over $1,000 requires an AZ-ROC licensed and bonded contractor. This is to protect you in the event a problem arises and the contractor defaults on his job performance.

Both HOAs' Architecture and Landscape Committees advise you to use such a licensed and bonded contractor when doing work on your home. This is not to be taken as a judgmental ruling on their part, but as encouragement to ensure you are getting what you pay for through a reliable company.

It takes more than a pickup truck, hammer, and magnetic sign to ensure a good job by a licensed professional and although the job estimate may be a little higher, the cost of doing business for them is also higher.

Ask questions before you make a final decision, do your homework, request a list of former clients and don’t be afraid to contact them to get feedback both positive and negative.

You can also go on to Nextdoor and get feedback from residents who may have used one of the contractors you are interviewing, and don’t hesitate to offer your own feedback which can be invaluable.

Plan, think smart and take your time… don’t rush into anything. Make sure you have everything in writing and are confident in your decision. Most of all, stay focused, relaxed and ready to enjoy the final project…

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