While you may think your garage is the least of your concerns, you need to understand the importance of that often-forgotten space.

In SaddleBrooke, the garage is the prominent structure to the front of your home, and when those doors are open, it says a lot about who lives in that house. Many don’t bother with cabinets at all or purchase open shelving from a big box home store where everything is stacked, but nothing is within easy reach. Quite a few just leave still unpacked boxes sitting in the middle of the floor attracting scorpions, and say they will get to it later…

Well, later is here! Jim and I are neat freaks when it comes to our home and garage. I admit we may be over the top in some areas, but when our garage door is open it brings many comments from passersby.

Moving to the Villas meant giving up a third car garage and so we had to plan wisely for storage and a multi-purpose area we call “Jim’s Man Cave.” I get one side for our car and vacs, he gets the other side for his golf cart, stretching machine, golf paraphernalia and hats…lots of hats!!

We worked with a professional to have custom cabinets and work bench installed which give us those much-needed storage areas. We each have cabinets dedicated to our specific needs. My holiday decorations are stored above in clear plastic bins marked for each occasion which make finding what you are looking for easy.

We painted the garage a complimentary color to our interior and had the floors coated with an epoxy paint. We also splurged on brushed stainless cabinet door handles for that added bit of pizazz.

It’s not just a garage, it’s an extension of your home allowing for many items such as kitchen appliances you don’t use every day to be kept in a clean and orderly area just a few steps away. With no basements or attics for storage, you should be turning to this unclaimed space and making the most of every available inch.

You will save time and money because you won’t be duplicating what you can’t find, you’ll feel a lot better when you pull into your parking space and you’ll recoup your up-front investment should you decide to sell your home in the future.

Stop putting it off until tomorrow….do it TODAY!!

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