Think about your last doctor visit. How much time did your doctor spend with you? Did you discuss health habits or nutrition or your lifestyle and activity levels? Most doctors only have a few minutes to spend with each client. Not that they don’t want to spend more time with patients, they simply don’t have enough time.

Today's doctors are trained to focus on sickness. Most conventional doctors aren’t trained in the skill set of how to develop a longterm plan to keep you healthy and motivated while holding you accountable. Today’s doctors have less time for personal interaction and are required to have more in-depth knowledge in a narrowly defined niche. Additionally, the landscape of healthcare has changed. Chronic disease far outweighs acute illness. According to the CDC, “As a nation, we spend 86 percent of our health care dollars on the treatment of chronic diseases. Many chronic diseases are preventable through diet and lifestyle changes. Health coaches have the time to support clients on an individual basis.

The primary goal of a health coach is to help clients achieve their health goals. In other words, a health coach provides personalized care. Health coaches not only help clients work through lifestyle and behavior modifications, but they also mentor, inspire, guide, and motivate to cultivate positive health choices! When it comes to healthy eating, we understand you already know what is healthy, and what isn’t. However, there are a lot more factors to consider, which is where a health coach comes in handy. Health coaches have the luxury of time that medical doctors don’t have to delve deeper into the how’s and why’s of preventative care.

Health coaching is a collaborative effort between the client and the coach.

It’s important to keep in mind a health coach may not be a licensed dietitian. However, a health coach can help you understand the fundamentals of nutrition. Health coaches are also not medical advisors who treat medical conditions or disease. The following describes the role of a health coach to facilitate a client’s wellness plan:

  • A health coach offers support for client self-management. This can include providing educational resources and helping problem solve.
  • A health coach can help clients become well versed in the health care system and medical resources.
  • A health coach is excellent for providing emotional support.
  • A health coach can be useful for building a relationship with medical providers by helping clients keep health histories to provide their medical doctors.
  • A health coach will provide support throughout health and wellness efforts made by the client.

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