Spring is a time of renewal. It is a time for the plants to recover from the suppressive conditions of Winter in our yearly cycle around the sun. In addition, the earth has seen environmental challenges developing over decades, culminating in long term pollution of our planet leading to extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, floods, fires, droughts and earthquakes. This year especially has seen particular challenges brought on by Cronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our health and our lifestyles.

A silver lining in this year’s troubling situation is that we have witnessed the dramatic effect that we can have on the environment in a positive way by diminishing the use of our more polluting activities. Satellite images document how a few days of abstinence can clean up the skies and the waters of our planet. It is our mission to remember these images and adjust our priorities so that our planet can live on for the coming generations.

This same lesson is available when our personal bodies get sick from the onslaught of an infection or the pollution of daily exposures. If given the chance, our bodies rally to address that which is threatening us. We then have the choice to acknowledge the healing process and to foster further good health by continuing those behaviors that put us on the road to recovery or to return to a toxic lifestyle.

One prominent theme to incorporate into our future is to BE PREPARED to respond expeditiously. At the first sign of a problem we should take a moment to evaluate the situation and seek professional input when uncertain of our choices.

Again, we can view ourselves as a microcosm of the planet and its various timelines…whether played out over weeks or yearly cycles or decades.

We can note what has contributed to our own dis-health and what has contributed to our recovery. We can take note of how others have been helped. We can invoke healing powers from within, as well as outside sources. We can further bolster our innate protective systems in preparation for future challenges.

This past few weeks has presented an opportunity to recognize the impact we each have on ourselves and on the lives of those around us. From the simplest concepts of avoidance through social distancing, to the more abstract concepts of investing in our future well beings, it is important to note that our behavior matters.

For Example: If you have an infection and you are unable to get over it with your own immune system, you might boost your immune system with stimulating herbs, or you might call in some outside forces like antibiotics. If you are successful by bolstering your own immune system, then you are more prepared for future infections. If you choose to call in some outside forces, then there will be more proactive recovery methods to consider. If the outside forces undermine your internal immune forces, then you’ll want to recharge those innate immune forces. If your internal immune forces are not adequately recharged, then you will have to be prepared to rely on those outside forces again…such as with the example of antibiotics.

Stay well. And, thank you so much for your unified efforts in these trying times.

Dr. Miles practices Naturopathic Medicine alongside other holistic practitioners at the Catalina Clinic of Integrative Medicine in Catalina, Arizona. Visit