We are using postural assessment to reduce or eliminate pain! There are two main areas that will be assessed; the feet and ankles and the thoracic spine. There are many symptoms that arise out of musculoskeletal deviations.

We start with the thoracic spine, making sure there is flexibility in that area and the cervical spine. As shown in picture, checking if shoulders and hips are just as important.

Second, we look at the foot movement and check for pronation and feel with your thumb if there is overpronation.

Next, evaluating the thoracic spine to see if there is rounding of the shoulders and checking the position of the Sternum.

Fourth, massaging the calves can help alleviate tight muscles from overpronation.

Fifth, make a hip flexor stretch to allow the body to be fully upright. Tight hip flexors pull one forward and down and put pressure on the lumbar spine.

Sixth, laying down with a straight arm raise can help to strengthen the back so there is less pressure on the low back.

Lastly, stepping back with a straight arm raised is an integrated move to stretch and strengthen the hip flexors, calf muscles and strengthen the Gluteal muscles.

This is a good start to get flexibility, agility and strength with pain reduction or elimination.

Our class is featured Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 p.m. two days per week. Members do benefit greatly participating in two or more sessions a week. Exercise with the medication for Parkinson’s is the most effective way to delay the progression of the disease; and helps with a better quality of life!


Hans Von Michaelis is President and can be reached by phone at (303) 549-4480. Annual dues are $10.

We are listed in HOA-1 under exercise and support; we have quarterly support and educational meetings on the third Thursday of the month from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. in HOA-1 Art and Craft center room 3. Located next to the Gift shop. All are welcome! Visit https://www.pmdalliance.org/ for Parkinson’s info and support.

BIG/PWR! Certified Trainer: Vera Shury (520) 275-8755; vera@libertyscience.com

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