As a practicing chiropractor I have been treating various back and neck conditions for over 45 years. The advice contained in the article is based on clinical experience and a life-long dedication to help patients resolve painful spinal conditions.

You will benefit by having both an excellent medical doctor (MD) and a great doctor of chiropractic (DC) on your health team. Both types of providers are sound resources of advice because your doctors are dedicated to helping you live a long and healthy life. Your medical doctor is a specialist in biochemistry; the internal function of your body. A chiropractor is a specialist in spinal bio-mechanics; posture, spinal biomechanics, and spinal misalignment.

These are a few of my life-long observations and recommendations regarding your choices for the treatment of back and neck pain.

Most chiropractic clinics can get you into their office on the same day you call, or within 24 to 48 hours of your request for care. The sooner you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, the sooner you will begin the road to recovery.

Chiropractors are specialists in structural misalignment and spinal biomechanics. Your chiropractor will evaluate your posture, structure and ability to move and function. Chiropractors will evaluate your body for the underlying cause of back or neck pain.

An excellent chiropractor will work with your medical team to make sure that you have the best of care. If necessary, your chiropractor will refer you to an appropriate internist, physical therapist, neurosurgeon, or orthopedic specialist.

A chiropractor will treat you without the use of dangerous drugs, shots and surgery. Chiropractors will give you a commonsense approach for the treatment of back and neck pain. There are often many simple things you can do to help yourself in the management of pain through lifestyle changes; beds, shoes, pillows, supports, postural changes and rehab exercises.

An excellent chiropractic clinic will have x-ray equipment on-site so that you can receive an accurate diagnosis and understanding of the reason that you are experiencing chronic or recurring pain. An accurate diagnosis is essential before beginning treatment. You do not want to go to any doctor or therapist that is doing “guess work” on your spine.

Chiropractors specialize in the application of specific spinal adjustments to reduce or correct vertebral misalignment. Chiropractic care often works even when all other methods of treatment have failed. Your body has a miraculous ability to heal and repair when your body’s structure and alignment is improved with chiropractic treatment.

My advice: Consider the most conservative approach first. Find a great chiropractor to be a part of your health team. You may have nothing to lose except the pain you are experiencing.

Dr. Craig Brue is an author, lecturer and chiropractic provider in SaddleBrooke, AZ. For more information on chiropractic, please go to our website;

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