How does your body feel when you’re playing golf?

Golf is a game that challenges your body. You are twisting, flexing, gripping and extending muscles in ways you don’t normally do. The movements are quick and your muscles need to be able to react without pulling and tweaking while hitting your shot.

Sure, you stretched for a few minutes before you played. You did stretch before you played golf today, right? Did you stretch? Did you stretch properly? Did you stretch the right muscles?

Why am I asking all of these questions? It’s Golf!

Golf is a great sport. It keeps you active and your body moving. However, when you play, you can feel that tight low back. Your shoulder may pull or ache after playing. Your elbow hurts and your grip is not was it used to be. Your knees are achy and what’s that sharp pain in your hip? How’s your neck range of motion?

Stretching is important with all sports. When you stretch, it should be slow and hold when you start to feel the stretch. 30 minutes of stretching before an activity will help teach those muscles to release, so you don’t get injured while playing.

Massage is another way of not only preventing injury, such as muscle strain, pulled muscle, muscle tears and more; it will help alleviate the current issues you are having.

As an example, if your thumb or wrist is hurting, we can work on your extensors in your arm. Do you feel a tug in your mid-back when you swing through, we can relax those muscles so you won’t feel that pull. Is the range of motion in your neck, holding you back from completing your full swing? Let’s work on it!

Golf is a great game! Regular massage can help! Let’s keep you healthy and flexible in order to keep you swinging for years to come!

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Heidi Overman, Licensed Massage Therapist, was trained at the National Holistic Institute in Sonoma county, CA.