The class is in the seventh week of a 12-week fall prevention program. The components of fall prevention are: Awareness, strength, stamina, techniques and confidence all are attained with practice! That is supported with a safe learning environment and building the components in a systemic manner. The Pictures show the progress in stability and confidence stepping back without a wall for security.

Lifestyle behavior is important to provide a strong base. Such as good nutrition, good rest, prescribed use of medication. To rebuild muscles, it is especially important to intake enough protein and to spread the intake out over the day, the same way you take a dose of medication.

Vice President is Hans Von Michaelis who can be reached via phone at (303) 549-4480. The club member annual dues are $10.

We are listed in HOA-1 under exercise and support; we have quarterly support and educational meetings on the third Thursday of the month from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. in HOA-1 Art and Craft center, room 3. FREE ASSESSMENTS! Next to the Gift shop. All are welcome! Now a Health & Wellness Coach W54776. Visit for Parkinson’s info and support.

BIG/PWR! Certified Trainer Vera Shury can be reached at (520) 275-8755 or via email at

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