Dr. Craig Brue

A few years ago, our office did a series of video presentations regarding the prevention, management and treatment of back and neck pain. Would you like find out if chiropractic care might benefit your condition? Would you like to know what to expect on your first visit to a chiropractic clinic? Would you like to understand a chiropractor’s unique approach to the treatment of back and neck pain? If so, the following video presentations are available on our website.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Dr. Brue will take you on a tour of the clinic and your initial visit. In this video the doctor will explain the importance of your initial history and evaluation.

The Initial Exam

In two sections Dr. Brue will tell you about the typical initial chiropractic examination. Dr. Brue will explain the importance of evaluating your spinal range of motion, your muscle strength, your nerve reflexes and your body’s ability to function. The doctor will discuss the importance of spinal rays to determine an accurate diagnosis and your treatment options.

The Treatment of Back and Neck Pain

This video highlights the effectiveness, safety and uniqueness of chiropractic treatment for the most common spinal conditions.

Simple Exercises for Lower Back Pain

See the doctor demonstrate the simple exercises that are typically recommended for low back pain, and he will discuss the importance of walking.

Neck Exercises

There are a few simple exercises that will help almost every patient that is experiencing neck pain. Dr. Brue will tell you about the simple things that you can do to prevent and manage chronic neck pain.

The Walking Stick and Advanced Exercises for Back Pain

In these videos Dr. Brue discusses stretching exercises that can be done to help increase your spine’s flexibility. The exercise is done with a hiking or broom stick. Also demonstrated are a few advanced exercises to help you increase your core strength.

Children and Chiropractic

Dr. Brue has evaluated and treated thousands of children. Yes, children have spinal problems, too. Many spinal conditions, like a scoliosis, are heredity. This video will inform you about the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care for children. Watch Dr. Brue adjust a five-year-old girl.

Other Videos

You will find information on epidural spinal injections, foot problems, and Dr. Phil’s experience with chiropractic care.

Learn From an Expert

If you are interested in learning about chiropractic, the simplest way to find these video presentations is to go to my website at bruechiropractic.com. You will immediately come to my home page. In the upper right hand corner of the home page is the link, "Doctors Videos." Click on the banner, "Doctor's Videos," and you will be led to these informative and helpful presentations.

Dr. Craig W. Brue is an author, lecturer and chiropractic provider in SaddleBrook, AZ. For more information on the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment, go to bruechiropractic.com.