It shocks me every day – when you do a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any of the plethora of apps available – just how many businesses HAVEN’T claimed their search info.

Regardless of the software you use to search, they all draw from the same sources (Google, Google Reviews, Bing, Yahoo, and Yelp). If you want to rank higher in search, you’ve got to keep your information up-to-date, you’ve got to generate reviews and you’ve got to post quality content regularly

For example, Google requires you to keep up with Google Maps, your Google+ page, and Google+ Local business. You’ve got to draw in high-quality reviews, +1’s on your posts (not to mention the time it takes to keep up on your posts), verifying your info, keywords, profiles, increasing your circles and sharing posts. Remember, this is just the work needed to keep up on Google – never mind Bing, Yahoo and Yelp!

So what if I don’t keep up with it? I’m found on all three search engines and I’m on their maps.

Well, that’s true, you do. But in many cases a search result will lead you to a map of all the businesses/services that match that search. You may have also noticed that some businesses have much bigger markers than others? Did you know that when a business with a big marker is surrounded by some smaller markers, the smaller markers can get covered up by the larger one.

That’s a result of a business having an excellent SEO ranking, good reviews, current pictures and spends time interacting with their followers.

Let’s take a look at some actual Tucson search results.

In the carousel above, I’ve posted the results from a number of different services found in Tucson using online search. Depending on which you use, you’ll either get a ranked listing of businesses and a position map for each page of the listing or, in the case of Google, they may actually send you to Google maps where you can see all of the businesses in town. Notice (starting slide 3) how the businesses with a better established SEO have much larger icons than the rest? And, of course, Google derives its review information from Google Review. 

Yahoo doesn’t have a map setting and Bing has a combination of an all inclusive map along with ranking to the left.

Don’t think Yelp is that important? Look closely at the reviews on each listing – they’re all from Yelp. That is one of the important factors in determining your ranking.

Do you prefer using one of the thousands mobile apps available to do your search? Where do you think they pull their info from? Yup, Google, Google Reviews, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp.

I’m trying to run a business – who has time for all of this?

We do.

That’s what Tucson Amplified does. We amplify the reach of your business on search. We know you’re busy – and staying on top of your SEO can eat up almost 300 hours from your year! That’s 300 hours you could have used to grow your business.

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