Recently, I stumbled upon an obituary that was profoundly moving. I did not know the man who had died, but reading the obituary made me sincerely wish that I had. He had written it himself and it started with these words, “If you are reading this then you are clearly having a better day than I am.” He went on to talk about the people and things that were important in his life. It was filled with humor and with love. It made me wonder what I would write if I knew I were dying. I quickly decided that I didn’t want to think about it.

The thing about charitable giving is that it makes us feel good. There is value in knowing that others are helped. I believe that when we do good, we feel good. But legacy giving also tells the people of tomorrow what we believe is important. It is a way of making a mark on the future. It is a way to say, “I was here, and I saw that this is important.”

That is what I would like you to think about when you make a gift to Senior Village in your will or with a trust. You care about SaddleBrooke, the people you know here, and the future of this community where you have made your home. Senior Village would like to be here for the vulnerable senior of the future, but we can’t be sure of that without the financial support of people who are here today.

There are many ways to cast your vote into the future. You might consider a charitable gift annuity, a simple mention in your will, or the establishment of an endowment or trust which benefits Senior Village. Whatever you do, it should begin with a conversation with your financial advisor.

You probably know about Senior Village at SaddleBrooke. Maybe you have a friend or neighbor who has been helped. Maybe you received your first COVID vaccine through one of our drive-thru clinics. I don’t know for sure what help the resident of the future will need. I can only hope that Senior Village will be here for them as it is now for the resident who needs us today. To learn more about Senior Village and our 501c3 status, please call (520) 314-1042. A helpful volunteer will put you in touch with someone who can answer your questions.

Thank you for thinking about it.

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