Three SaddleBrooke houses have been broken into since the first of this year. The burglars ransacked the homes and stole what they could quickly carry away. These patterns are consistent with burglary as an occupation. But it does not mean that the same person or persons hit all three homes.

One of the houses broken into is on a corner lot with a common area wash in the back. The entrance was made by shattering a window near the front door after attempting to pry open a back window. Another house, with neighboring homes on each side, was struck. The location backs up to Mountain View Boulevard with a low wall on the property line, offering easy access. A back window was broken into at this location. The third house is located three homes down the block, again backing up to Mountain View, with easy backyard access where a window was pried open.

One of the homes was occupied at the time of the break-in. The homeowner is reportedly hard of hearing and had no idea what had happened until waking up to the mess. Investigators believe all three homes were likely burgled at night. On one occasion, a resident left for the evening with a suitcase and returned home the next day to find his house the scene of a crime.

Burglars are looking for items they can sell quickly. Jewelry, firearms, ammunition, and cash are at the top of their hit lists. Medication has become a target, such as opioids and other prescription drugs that can be resold. And small electronics are easy to transport and always salable.

FBI crime statistics show that a burglary offense occurs across the nation every 28.3 seconds. In SaddleBrooke, break-ins have happened very rarely over decades. With three home burglaries in a months' time, neighbors need to be aware and act. Contact the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and SaddleBrooke Patrol if you see something irregular on your street.

Watch for strange cars and trucks starting and stopping in the day and nighttime hours on community streets. The driver could be casing the neighborhood. Listen for unusual sounds, such as glass breaking, or the sound of a door being kicked hard for illegal entrance. Lastly, suspicious vehicles in SaddleBrooke parking lots late at night are of interest to law enforcement.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office investigation is ongoing. Sheriff's Deputies will be holding a "Coffee with a Cop" meeting for all residents of SaddleBrooke at the SBHOA1 Agave Lounge Thursday, March 3, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

SBHOA1 Patrol

Call (520) 825-9814

SBHOA2 Patrol

Call (520) 349-5124

Pinal County Sheriff's Office

For Emergencies, Call 911

For Non-Emergencies Call (520) 866-5111

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