After 35-years in law enforcement and dealing with what he calls a “toxic environment”, Bob Easton decided to spend his retirement where he could “meet nice people” and spend his time helping them. He enthusiastically chose Senior Village and became a volunteer in May of this year.

One of Bob’s first services was helping Village member Jane Beck regain her mobility after a hip implant. Having experienced two new hips himself, Bob understood what Jane was going through. For two weeks he visited her often, even twice a day, to go on circular walks through the rooms in her house. By holding on to Jane’s chest strap, Bob made sure that she would not fall as she used her cane to strengthen her stride.

Jane was surprised to learn that there were Senior Village volunteers available to help with her walking rehab. She commented, “I didn’t know if they would do it, but I thought I would call and find out.” Several volunteers on the Friendly Contact team offered to assist Jane through her second month of recovery. Bob jumped right in saying: “Put me down for as many times as you need.” Friendly Contact volunteers also deliver meals for members after a hospital stay, make social phone calls or home visits and provide audio book players. These services all enable Village members to enjoy living independently in their homes.

Bob and his wife Betsy’s move to SaddleBrooke in April 2020 was not a long-distance transition. They had lived for fourteen years down a dirt road just east of the Miraval resort off Lago del Oro. Their acreage included a horse for Betsy and 110 trees that Bob tended, everything from oak to elm to maple and cottonwood.

Being a volunteer comes naturally for Bob. In the past, he has contributed his time and talent to St. Luke’s Hospital and a battered women’s shelter as well as other groups. Besides being on the Friendly Contact team for Senior Village, Bob also volunteers as a Village driver.

Volunteers with Senior Village share Bob’s enthusiasm when he says: “It makes my day to help somebody. It’s a pleasure dealing with people in a positive way.” To learn more about Village opportunities or to register as a volunteer, go to For membership, call (520) 314-1042.

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