If you are not already aware, Ed Wysocki, long-time Patrol Manager, retired in June. My name is Christopher Albers, and I took over on Tuesday, June 1. The last two months have been spent becoming familiar with the operations of Patrol and getting to know the many fine people that live in SaddleBrooke and work for HOA-1. Behind me lies a 25-year career in college and university law enforcement and security that started in California, moved to Georgia, and ended in Arizona. I look forward to years ahead serving HOA-1.

Safety Tip

It looks as if this year’s monsoon is shaping up to be better than some we’ve had in years. With all this rain it becomes necessary to change our driving habits and perhaps how we get to where we need to go.

Drivers should always be mindful that a wet road is most dangerous when rain first starts and mixes with oil and debris on the pavement. Braking and handling can be significantly impaired when the roadway becomes slippery. It is wise to slow down in heavy rain. Also, always turn on your lights… in many states it’s the law.

Plan your route to avoid roads prone to flooding. Because we live in an area prone to flash floods, use main roads to get to your destination. But even main thoroughfares can flood. Never enter a roadway that has flooded.


Since June, there have been four reports of items being taken from unlocked vehicles. I, myself, was a victim in Oro Valley where I live. These crimes are crimes of opportunity and most likely would not have occurred had the vehicles been locked. Try to get into the habit of locking your vehicle with your key fob; push the lock button until your horn/alarm beeps. This will ensure that your vehicle is secure every time you leave it.

Traffic Accidents & Traffic Safety

July 22, 2021 - Golf Cart and Cyclist

While not related to the accident noted above, I have observed cyclists, both casual and committed, disregarding traffic laws, along with golf carts and vehicles to a lesser extent. Cyclists are subject to the same laws as vehicles and golf carts. Some cyclists have fled Patrol attempts to enforce the law and HOA-1 rules and regulations; one or two have been verbally abusive to officers. While not representative of all cyclists, this kind of conduct degrades the quality of life in SaddleBrooke. All HOA-1 residents and guests are encouraged to adhere to the law and to treat one another with respect. Patrol One is committed to making SaddleBrooke a great place to live, and we don’t enjoy having to engage enforcement activities made necessary by the few that refuse to cooperate with the law and HOA-1 rules and regulations.

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