Village volunteer Kathy Anderson helps Nancy Chuba organize and fill out financial documentation.

After the death of her husband, Nancy Chuba wanted to close out a small account that was in both their names. It should have been a simple procedure, but the brokerage firm froze the account and sent multiple pages of paperwork and documentation for Nancy to complete. Feeling overwhelmed, Nancy turned to Senior Village to help her sort through the process. As she later exclaimed: “Senior Village saved my sanity.”

If your loved one were to die, do you know whom to contact, how to pay bills in your household, title accounts so they avoid probate, attend to legal issues, access computer passwords, submit necessary paperwork for estates?

In the past year, Senior Village has received a growing number of requests from members seeking guidance and clerical help like Nancy. Meeting this need became a priority for the Village. The end result is the newly created Forms and Documents Team.

The purpose of this team is to:

  • Help members gather and fill in important personal documentation.
  • Provide information on legal and financial procedures, especially for estates.

Volunteer Advocates from the Forms and Documents Team will assist members to organize paperwork. This assistance is strictly informative and does not constitute legal advice.

Village members who work with the Forms and Documents Team receive a 70-page handbook titled “Planning Ahead for Those You Love” which includes sections to complete about the member’s personal background, legal, medical and financial details, insurance, and property as well as forms for Arizona medical directives (Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney).

The final chapter of the handbook describes steps to take during the first two months of widowhood: how to plan a funeral, what documents are needed and whom to contact for legal and financial assistance, survivor benefits, canceling services or changing names on accounts. A few pages at the end offer information on the Arizona probate process to settle estates.

The “Planning Ahead for Those You Love” handbook is like an insurance policy: critical to have, might not be used for a long while but will save your sanity when you find yourself facing these issues on your own.

Get busy today filling in these pages so you won’t ever hear yourself say:

“If only I had known….”

“I wish I had asked my husband/wife/partner about…..”

To become a member of Senior Village, call (520) 314-1042. Annual dues are $60 for a single and $96 for a household which include 72 service requests a year. To volunteer, check our website at Donations are appreciated and may be sent to Senior Village at PO Box 8584, Tucson, AZ 85738.

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