As renowned actress Elizabeth Taylor once quipped, “Growing old is not for the faint of heart.” This sentiment rings especially true for those doing life solo. While independence brings its own joys of financial control and spontaneity, the reality of managing a home alone can feel daunting, particularly with the passage of time.

When the thought of climbing a ladder to change a kitchen light bulb or moving patio furniture inside for the winter seems overwhelming, having a support system is invaluable. This is where Senior Village can step in and offer a helping hand.

Senior Village has a Helping Hands Team that is comprised of nearly 50 dedicated volunteers who enjoy performing minor home repairs and maintenance tasks for members in need. These vetted volunteers are just a phone call away and are available to help with:

Changing light bulbs that require a ladder.

Moving patio furniture, planters and boxes.

Simple plumbing issues, i.e. replacing toilet seats, tightening hoses, replacing water filters, checking jammed garbage disposals, repairing toilet flushing mechanisms and installing showerheads.

In-yard electrical problems, i.e. landscape lighting timers and repairing solar/low voltage lighting.

In-yard plumbing assistance, ex. repairing simple irrigation leaks and resetting timers.

Re-potting plants.

Lifting and moving items, such as flat-screen TVs; turning and flipping mattresses; moving furniture or boxes that are less than 50 pounds; and hanging pictures and mirrors that weigh less than 30 pounds.

Maintenance tasks, i.e. greasing doors and hinges, painting mailboxes, adjusting sliding screen doors, and repairing curtain rods and blinds.

Miscellaneous projects including replacing propane tanks in outside grills and fire pits, re-lighting pilot lights, simple household chores post-hospitalization, and replacing HVAC and water filters.

While these Senior Village volunteers are eager to help, it’s important to recognize the limitations of the services they provide. Tasks beyond their scope include replacing circuit breakers, handling high-voltage wiring, installing grab bars, unclogging drains, performing ladder work higher than 12-feet and tackling projects that will take more than two hours to complete.

To request a service, Senior Village members should call (520) 314-1042, press option 2 and leave their callback number. Callers should be sure to keep the phone nearby to answer the return call.

Those interested in joining Senior Village should email or call (520) 314-1042 and press option 1. Our membership volunteers will do an intake visit and sign you up. The annual cost of membership is $60 for an individual or $96 for a household. Learn more at senior

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