The wail of a siren and the roar of a fire engine catch our attention no matter what we are doing. Those sounds perk our ears. They signal an emergency, a possible life and death situation when every second counts.

What happens if you are home alone when a crisis like this occurs, and you cannot reach your front door to allow access for the first responders? How many precious moments are lost breaking into your house to administer help?

Monique Salvio recently had her lockbox installed “as a precaution”. She was going to be out of town for a week and was concerned for her 88-year-old partner who uses a walker. Left alone, he might not be able to open the door in an emergency. Monique was also realized that “if something were to happen to me, my partner can’t help me.”

There’s no excuse for not having an emergency lockbox at your front door. They are literally life savers and now have dropped to only $50 thanks to Senior Village purchasing them in bulk.

  • Call Senior Village at (520) 240-0149 and leave a message requesting a lockbox. You will receive a call back to arrange for delivery.
  • Make out a check for $50.00 payable to “Senior Village at SaddleBrooke” (cash and credit cards not accepted).
  • At the time of delivery, you will receive an instructional flyer on how to arrange for free installation by Senior Village.
  • It is not necessary to be a member of the Village to receive this service.
  • The lockbox will be installed next to the front door in plain sight for first responders.
  • Once your lockbox is installed and a spare key is made, call the Golder Ranch Fire Department to request key placement inside the lockbox. Only authorized fire district personnel can open the box.

If you already have a lockbox, do you know if the key inside can open your front door? Many homeowners change locks, and it’s easy to forget about what’s inside the lockbox. For peace of mind, call Golder Ranch Fire Department at (520) 825-9001 extension 2102 and request that a representative open your lockbox, so you can check the contents.

Get busy, call Senior Village and arrange for a lockbox: (520) 240-0149.

For information on becoming a Senior Village member, call (520) 314-1042 or visit on how to volunteer.

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