I thought these excerpts from the December 2000 Paw Prints article “From Hutch” were timely given our suddenly cooler weather and the holidays. And with Christmas 2018 still lingering in the air, I hope you’ll enjoy the photo of Hutch with Santa.

“Brrr!!! Winter is sure here. Did you realize that ‘The Mountain’ has had snow since October 23rd? I thought moving to Arizona would make me warm all year. I remember walking to the mailbox in front of our Michigan home in the winter, and by the time I got to the end of the drive, my little feet wouldn’t go any further. I learned that I could stand on my back legs and wave my front ones, and good old dad would come running and pick me up and carry me back to the house. At least here my feet don’t get snow between my toes. I’m happy to tell you that my Santa suite still fits (as you can see). Mom and Dad took me to see Santa at the Tucson Mall again last weekend. They remembered me from last year. I only asked Santa for good health for all my four and two-legged friends, and a few happy vacations throughout the year. I have so many toys that mom puts the holiday ones away and just pretends that they are new each year. I wonder if she really thinks that I forget. I do still enjoy opening the old toys each year. Say, have you seen our street? It is getting all candle lit. It makes those late night short walks lots of fun. We had a coyote that was hiding under the neighbor’s tree and watching the little ones as they passed by. Thanks to our newest neighbors for calling a warning to Sheila as she passed with Penny and Tiki.” … “I do love December, because the house lights and everything begins to sing.” … “That’s all for this month. Happy Holidays to all of you.” … Hutch