The “Faithful and Fruitful” strategy.

In recognizing a need for more focused efforts to address the needs of our community, Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church is embarking on a new approach to tending to God’s creation. Our theme is “Faithful and Fruitful” and is an outgrowth of several actions within the congregation, earlier this year, to set a new strategy for measurably growing God’s kin-dom; a place where God’s power moves in and through us to be welcoming to everyone and to find ways to help those in need. The congregation identified strengths and weaknesses associated with our past efforts at being good stewards. The congregation also identified priorities for better serving needs within and outside of our church.

To highlight the new ministry goals that we now will focus, we’ve designated the fourth Sunday of each month between October and April as “Fourth is for Fruitfulness.” On those Sundays, during fellowship following the worship service, ministry teams will highlight new ways in which each team will enhance and fulfill one or more of our six faith priorities (e.g., Caring, Gathering, Giving, Learning, Tending and Venturing). We are hopeful that members of the greater community not already attending our church will want to be a part of our efforts.

Although Sunday, October 22 will kick off the first “Fourth is for Fruitfulness”, Sunday, the following week (October 29, which is Reformation Sunday), the 10 a.m. worship service will celebrate both our 26th birthday as a congregation and the faithful and fruitful theme. A Town Hall gathering after the end of the shortened service will be a time to introduce the ministry goals and to encourage all congregants to join the teamwork of serving God. Finally, a luncheon under the ramada will take place immediately after the Town Hall. All are welcome.

Join us if you are looking for ways to serve God. For example, aside from our Mission and Outreach Ministry Team giving funds to organizations that directly help people in need, we are looking for church members to actively engage with those organizations. As such, we are renewing our prior recognition as a Hunger Action Congregation. To demonstrate our intent for risk-taking mission and service, we are formally seeking recognition as a congregation supporting Matthew 25 and More Light values. The values associated with these congregational movements will cause us to actively work with community partners to address poverty and homelessness, dismantling structural racism and increasing involvement of all people in the church regardless of sexuality. As an example of how we have recently engaged with community partners on homelessness, we’ve contracted with Old Pueblo Community Services, which employs homeless individuals to help keep our landscaping around our campus weeded and pruned. The workers get a stipend and a meal. Our new Green Living initiative is showing progress in educating our congregation about the benefits of recycling, use of solar power, and carpooling.

We invite you to help us do better at what we believe God is calling us to do. Come, be a part of making this world a better, safer and kinder place. Check out our website for more information about us, as well as review the information we’ve posted about the organizations and initiative mentioned in this article at

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