Our 2024 JFG Trivia winners. FROM LEFT: Nate and Melanie Einbund, Lorna Horowitz, Willy Halpert, Les and Arlene Goins.

Remember when you were young and could keep facts at the tips of your fingers and not on the tip of your tongue? At the best of times a trivia game is hard for those of us with fading memories, but how much more so when all the questions and answers must relate to someone or something Jewish? I mean, how many Nobel prize winners’ names can you remember?

That is the game of trivia played by the Jewish Friendship Group (JFG) once, yearly. This year, our game took place at the newly refurbished RoadRunner Grill where we enjoyed an almost endless pizza buffet, salad and those delicious cookies. There were eight teams competing for the bragging rights and upgraded gift cards as the winners. But the best part was the funny and impossible answers that the teams came up with when they have no clue about the answer. And the fun everyone has trying to remember the answer and if not, make one up. Despite the questions being upgraded and made more contemporary by our game creator, Marilyn Anthony, the questions nonetheless stumped most of our players and although one team did win, in fact, the game this time beat the players!

Next year, perhaps it will be easier (said every year) but whether or not it that happens, it will nonetheless be a fabulous evening of fun and laughter.

In March, JFG enjoyed a Ladies’ Coffee hosted by Hara Lipman on Tuesday, March 12 at 10:30 a.m.

The JFG also co-sponsored our annual Purim Party with Congregation Bnai Midbar (formerly the Institute of Jewish Services and Studies) at 11 a.m. in the garden of Marilyn Anthony’s home on Sunday, March 24. There were drinks (hey, it’s Purim), some brunch food and natural, various flavours of hamantaschen plus some entertainment. The inprov was great fun and we were able to include as many bystanders as possible. So what if our singing wasn’t all that perfect?

For more information about the JFG, call either Co-President Sandy Rosen at (520) 910-1437/sandyrosen458458@gmail.com or Co-President Eileen Zalmanow at (571) 217-0358/zelmoes@gmail.com.

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