In Andrea’s own words:

“I started photographing almost 40 years ago when I took a community college course on photography that piqued my interest. But I did not become completely involved in photography until moving to SaddleBrooke 18 years ago and began traveling around the world. I joined the Photography Club when it began several years ago as an offshoot of the DIGS group. I've been told I have an "eye" for photography and I often look at a scene with or without my camera to find an interesting aspect for a picture. I love taking pictures on our travels and making photoshows to show friends, family and fellow travelers what I experienced. I am the official photographer for the MPWGA (MountainView Preserve 18 holers) and make photoshows for all our special tournaments to put on the MPWGA website. I have also done photoshows for weddings and family reunions. Our travels have taken us to Australia/New Zealand, Peru, Spain and Portugal, Vietnam, Africa, Patagonia South America, Costa Rica, Russia, the Balkans, the Netherlands, Greece and Japan. Most of our land travels have been with Odysseys Unlimited tours. My husband and I have done some cruises as well. Our last trip was a two-week tour in Japan this September. Japan is an extremely clean, organized and polite country. Tokyo is New York City on steroids. Our favorite story that depicts Japan perfectly was when my husband, on a cool and rainy evening, decided to cross the street against the light when there were no cars in his path. Suddenly a police car flashed its lights and an officer spoke harshly in Japanese to my husband. After a few moments, the police car drove away as the officer, in English, shouted to my husband, ‘That is not the Japanese way!’ ”

Andrea is a visual storyteller and takes our Club on many adventures with her images. Her Japan presentation in April left us begging for more. The Saddlebrooke Photography Club is honored to have Andrea as a member.

Drop in to the photo studio any Wednesday or Friday morning from 9-12 in the Agate Room at HOA#2 to see what the Club can do for you.

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