Summer has arrived here even though most of the country waits a few weeks. One nice way to cool off & enjoy the company of others is by playing duplicate bridge at Mountainview’s Catalina Room on Tuesday afternoons. The games start at 1 p.m. and the fee is very minimal. If you need a partner or further information, email JoAnn Aiken at or phone 520-256-2702. Our website is

Robert S. Todd gave great advice in “The Bridge Bulletin” on when to lead trump. To quote: “The primary reason to lead trump is to attack the ruffing values in the hand that holds the short trump.” He suggests leading trump when the opener shows a two-suited hand & responder prefers the second suit. Another time is when responder has a singleton in another suit. You can tell if you have length in that suit. Todd also mentions when you have two aces; leading trump is better than anything else. Yet another time is when you have 3 or 4 trump, headed by the Ace. Todd says lead a low trump, not the Ace. A dam Parrish wrote an article about leading an honor when playing a hand . He gave an example of dummy having Q96 and you having AJ105. If you lead the 9, you are finessing against opponent’s King & you can finesse three times. However, opponent will more likely cover your Queen.

One more bit of advice, this from Michael Berkowitz. You have a monster hand: AKQJ9876 (spades), no hearts, AQ2 (diamonds), 43 (clubs). Partner has the Ace of hearts + 4 small hearts. Berkowitz says trump the heart lead, draw trump, then lead up to partner’s KQ8 of clubs. You can then play the Ace of hearts on the club or diamond.

Every bridge hand makes you think, thus improving your brain function. It’s a sure way to keep you alert.

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