Love is in the air.Bridge players love the game & can forget the flowers.

We might not have been able to show off our Easter bonnets or parade down the avenue without masks a few weeks ago, but, then again, no one would recognize who we were.

Now, we can prepare for May flowers.

To add a festive note, BBO has offered special games where you can earn gold points.

You can accumulate master points, stimulate your mind, and the cost is minimal.

The “Bridge Bulletin” recently featured an article by Dr. James Sternberg where he discussed responding to partner’s Weak-two bid. He wrote, you bid two NT, asking for a feature because you have a good hand looking for No Trump.

If partner doesn’t have an outside feature, he re-bids his suit. If you’re playing Ogust, partner re-bids depending on the strength of his suit.

If, however, you have support for partner but not a strong hand, bid three anyway, to interfere with opponents.

Adam Parrish focused on New Minor Forcing.

Opener bids one diamond, then rebids two NT to show a balanced hand, 18 to 19 hcps. He can skip the other major but, if he has support for partner’s suit, he should jump in the suit.

Opener may not know if partner has four or five in the major bid. After he bids two NT, responder bids the other minor to show five in the major. The other minor bid is artificial.

It’s easy to forget New Minor Forcing when you’re at the third level, but it works.

The Mountainview Bridge Club will have in-person games as soon as it’s safe for all of us.

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