Christmas decorations are already up around town, adding a festive air. We may not get items in time for the holidays, but can still enjoy the cooler weather and great duplicate bridge games. Plus, going to the club game is a good way to stay away from those Thanksgiving leftovers.

The Mountainview Bridge Club meets in Mountainview’s Catalina Room on FRIDAY afternoons at 1 p.m. If you need a partner or further information, email JoAnn Aiken at or phone (520) 256-2702.

Our bridge partners may want to compare strategies and conventions to help sharpen our skills. The Bridge Bulletin always gives us something to think about.

In the November issue, there was a lengthy article about cheating online. Amy Casanova said that professionals as well as club-level players have been found cheating. Complaints are recorded and those players are watched. An alarm goes off when club players suddenly score far better than they’re used to.

One professional player (paid to play) stated she cheated because it was fun. She certainly didn’t need the points or the money.

Another article by August Boehm and Allan Hillman referred to “Lucky 13.”

They discussed centuries-old superstitions that the number 13 was unlucky. Just look at hotel elevators; no thirteenth floor. Do we really believe Friday, the 13th, is an unlucky day?

Bridge players know that every hand has 13 cards, unless someone counted wrong. If you play bridge often enough, you’ll find the cards lucky!

Phillip Adler had advice for declarer playing in a suit.

He asked the question, “How quickly would you expect to draw trump?”

The answer depends on how many trump you have. The more trump, the quicker you remove those held by the defenders. If you’re in an 8-card fit, you are more likely to delay touching trump. You play two rounds and discover one defender has four of your trump. Stop and count your losers.

One more bit of advice, this time from Adam Parrish. He said if you’re in the balancing seat, don’t let the opponents play at the second level when they have a fit… unless you have length in their trump suit.

Enjoy this lovely weather and MountainView bridge games.

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