SaddleBrooke Great Decisions has started off the year with timely topics, excellent presentations, and spirited discussions. Our group has welcomed several new members who have in turn brought new perspectives, life experiences, and enthusiasm into our organization.

In February Great Decisions members participated in three foreign policy topic discussions: Energy Geopolitics, Economic Warfare, and China and the United States. At each meeting there was a presentation, a viewing of a video “Master Class” from the Foreign Policy Association, and a short question answer period. Then, in small group settings, attendants were able to exchange ideas, give incite, opinion, and speculation about the presentation. These discussions are always fascinating as we become aware of all the individual expertise’s and passions that members bring to our meetings.

Looking forward to March we will be immersed in two topics of great interest. Sherry Kaplan will be talking about War Crimes on Monday, March 6. And, on Monday, March 13 Sam Horowitz will bring some of his personal experiences into our discussion of Politics in Latin America.

Thanks to our February PresentersIn discussing Energy Security, Lockwood Carlson helped us all understand a little more clearly the connection between international security and securing energy supply which is a critical component for economic growth and building a modern society.

After John Sommers spoke about Economic Warfare and U.S. Policy, we were able to question both the effectiveness and repercussions of the U.S.’s use of economic warfare in achieving U.S. Foreign Policy goals.

Boyd Bosma was able to share some of the concepts that his ILR students are getting in depth about our relationship with China. We considered the threat of the second largest economy and its dominance in the technology industry, issues related to Taiwan and the U.S.’s animation of new and pre-existing military strength.

After each presentation the “Master Class” video shown at the meeting will be made available on our website. Anyone can view the class by going to the site and clicking the presentation tab. Our web address is sbgreatdecisions.wordpress.com. Hopefully people will use it to review the main points. It’s also a chance to access the main ideas of the discussion if someone is unable to attend the meeting.

All meetings are held on Mondays in the East Ballroom at Mountainview Clubhouse from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. If you have any questions or need further information about SaddleBrooke Great Decisions please email Sandy Epstein at SaddleBrookeGreatDecisions@outlook.com or call Sherry Kaplan at (847) 528-1968.

Members will be best prepared for the discussions by reading the chapter in the Briefing Book, and considering the questions at the end of each chapter. Additional information can also be accessed at the national website fpa.org or the Tucson organization website at tgda.org.

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