The SaddleBrooke Paper Crafters Club is celebrating its 23rd year of meetings with over 40 members. Please join us every month on the second Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. social time and 1 p.m. for … Read more

Women On Our Own (WOOO) is an organization for women who are on their own (single and not in a committed relationship) who want to stay active and enjoy life with friends. Read more

Since I’ve been retired, I’ve gone to many quilt shows and taken more than a few surface design classes. What fun they all were, especially the BIG ones! The teachers were superb, the exhibits… Read more

On Tuesday June 8, nine British Club ladies gathered together for a delicious lunch at North Italia, an Italian restaurant in La Encantada plaza on Skyline Drive here in Tucson. All ladies agr… Read more

It was Wednesday, July 14. The thermometer read 80 degrees Fahrenheit, after a three day storm came through Tucson. Previously, the temperature was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Read more

The SaddleBrooke Line Dancing Club (SBLDC) Social Committee meets several times a year. I recently had the pleasure of attending a meeting. The subject of Questions and Answers for this articl… Read more

The Mountainview Bridge club has games every Tuesday at 1 p.m. in Mountainview’s Catalina Room. Bring your own water and mask. For further information, contact club president JoAnn Aiken, at (… Read more

Twenty-five-years ago, if Americans would have told family or friends they were going on a holiday to Slovenia and Croatia, most would have been asked, “What and where are they?” And after the… Read more

WOOO is an organization for women who are on their own (single and not in a committed relationship) who want to stay active and enjoy life with friends. Read more

For the ninth year, Doris Evans was the June speaker for SaddleBrooke Nature Club. Her slide presentations are always the highlight of our year. Read more

Glad to be back after COVID-19 restrictions were eased. The British Club had their first social event after approximately one year! It was Sunday, May 30 of Memorial Day weekend, which was ano… Read more

I was surprised, I’ll admit it. Until I joined the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club (SBLDC), I thought Line Dancing was just dressing up in cowboy boots and Stetson hats while dancing to Country m… Read more

The Mountainview Bridge club will have its first bridge game on Tuesday, May 25 at 1 p.m. in Mountainview’s Catalina Room. Mask wearing will be optional. For further information, contact club … Read more

We’re baaaack! With a very large majority of residents vaccinated, SaddleBrooke One is open for business again and the KnitWits have answered the call. With size limits removed and masks optio… Read more

Olé May! It is a month full of celebrations from start to finish. The SBLDC señoras added to the calendar celebrating Mexico’s holiday with a Seis de Mayo Party. Read more

A lucky thirteen Saddlebrooke hikers followed the Arizona Trail from the Route 77 Tyger Mine Road access point to a viewing bench, high on a hill. Being late March, trail guide Kathryn Madore … Read more

We might not have been able to show off our Easter bonnets or parade down the avenue without masks a few weeks ago, but, then again, no one would recognize who we were. Read more

WOOO is an organization for women who are on their own (single and not in a committed relationship) who want to stay active and enjoy life with friends. Prior to the pandemic, we maintained a … Read more

Although a little windy to be optimum, the day was sunny and the temperature very comfortable when the SaddleBrooke Fly Fishers (SBFF) held a casting class in early April. About 20 people gath… Read more

The ILR is thrilled to announce a new program, SAMPLERS open to ALL SaddleBrooke residents. These one-hour classes will take place on five consecutive Thursday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. on Zoom.… Read more

We humans have always used our hands; in fact, our opposable thumbs allow us to perform tasks which most of the animal kingdom cannot. Our hands have 29 joints and are flexible which makes the… Read more

Time is defined as an existence for a period (such as years/centuries, etc.) but in our daily lives time impacts every aspect of every day. Time to get up, time to work, time to play, time for… Read more

A wealth of studies has shown that exercise and physical activity can help us keep our minds sharp and our bodies healthy. The data suggest that dancing, reading, playing board games and playi… Read more

As spring has arrived and we begin to be able to get out and about a bit more, it might be time to set some new life goals. Goal setting is a powerful process, motivating us to dream an ideal … Read more

Want to be creative and spend some of your day having fun socializing, learning a new painting technique and making new friends? If so, SaddleBrooke Ceramic Club is the place for you. The club… Read more

A while back I was gently cruising the internet and I happened upon a knitting blog. Perhaps a Saddlebag article, I thought. However, most personal blogs discuss more than knitting or crocheti… Read more