On Monday, January 1, we embarked upon another 365 days of surprises, interesting occurrences, along with witnessing changes in others and, most especially, in ourselves. But as the year 2023 came to a crescendo, accolades came pouring in for those notables we lost during the year. And for an ardent news/popular culture junkie, like myself, I was shocked at those who are now gone.

From actors to authors, from performers to politicians, as well as those in the world of sports, it comes as no surprise that this list contains some of the most illustrious personalities we have ever known within these spheres.

The list cuts across age, educational, ethnic, gender, political, racial and religious lines. And whether or not you agreed with or disagreed the manner with which Sinéad O’Connor (singer, songwriter and activist) chose to express her political ideologies, you have to agree that it was sad she died only at the age of 56.

In addition, the name Henry Kissinger (National Security Advisor for Nixon and Ford) harkens back to the tragic years of the Vietnam War and the resignation of Richard Nixon. Kissinger died in November, only a few months shy of his 100th birthday.

And, the world for all parrot heads was shaken to learn the news about the death of Jimmy Buffett (musician and song-writer) who brought us not only the music of island living, but the attitude towards island living as well. A salt shaker will never be the same for many of us. Buffett was only 77.

And then there was Sandra Day O’Connor (the first woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court), who grew up on a family cattle ranch in Duncan, Arizona. Day O’Connor was only age 93.

Many of the names of the people on this list will most certainly rouse elements of—I remember when I first saw/read/heard about this person. I cannot believe he/she is gone now!

Gone now? Not really. For the notables on this list will always be in our hearts and minds as, of course, SIMPLY THE BEST!

Alan Arkin — Andre Braugher — Bob Barker — Bobby Hull — Bobby Knight — Brooks Robinson — Bud Grant — Burt Bacharach — Chaim Topol — Cindy Williams — Cormac McCarthy — David Crosby — Dianne Feinstein — Dick Butkus — Gordon Lightfoot — Harry Belafonte — Henry Kissinger — Jerry Springer — Jim Brown — Jimmy Buffett — Lisa Marie Presley — Matthew Perry — Michael Gambon — Myles Goodwin — Norman Lear — Paul Reubens — Raquel Welch — Richard Roundtree — Robbie Bachman — Rosalynn Carter — Ryan O’Neal — Sandra Day-O’Connor — Sinéad O’Connor — Suzanne Somers — Tina Turner — Tony Bennett — William Friedkin.

Finally, those notable family members and friends, who we all personally have lost in 2023, were also simply the best!

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