SaddleBrooke Square Dancers took a break from dancing as they gathered at the HOA-1 Activity Center on Tuesday, December 7 for our annual Christmas Party. We started the evening with a BYOB social hour (one of the reasons we didn’t schedule dancing this evening). As we munched on appetizers and sipped from our glasses of Christmas spirits, we wandered around the room to chat with friends, even those wearing weird Christmas hats. The evening continued with a tasty potluck dinner, including delicious low-calorie desserts. (Well maybe a few didn’t come from the weight watcher cookbook.)

To gain entrance to our Christmas party, attendees were required to bring a white elephant gift. (A white elephant gift is a “of-no-use” item you have had in your closet for years, but just haven’t been able to throw away.) As the White Elephant rules were explained, everyone selected a number from a hat. (Basically, as a person’s number is called, he/she has the option of choosing a gift from the white elephant table or, if the person really likes a gift that someone has opened, he/she is allowed to steal that gift. If somebody steals your gift, you get to choose a new one from the table.) As it turned out, several people actually brought some very nice gifts, and it seems that poor Pete Lewis always selected one desired by someone following him, as he had his gifts stolen more times than everyone else put together. All in all, we had more fun than you could shake a stick at, even though rumor has it that several of the White Elephant gifts that people had as they left the party were spotted at the 50 percent off table at the Golden Goose the following day.

As you can see, our SaddleBrooke Squares club is not just about having fun on the dance floor but is also about having lots of fun at our many social events. Want to learn more about square dancing in SaddleBrooke? Are you relatively new to SB and are looking to quickly make a lot of new friends? Want to stop being a couch potato a couple of nights a week and exercise your mind and body instead of watching TV? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us for a free introduction to Modern Square Dancing on Thursday, January 6, at 7 p.m. in the MountainView Ballroom.

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