Our speaker for November is another distinguish SaddleBrooke resident, Dr. John Floyd. John had the good fortune to have had a great relationship with his father-in-law, Charles Beckner, who was among the final servicemen to escape the Philippines one step ahead of the Japanese takeover of the islands. For over more than 30-years, John’s father-in-law shared with him the story of his life and service in the war. John has taken those intimate talks and turned them into a fine novel, The Expendable, the finest encomium on a WW II veteran I have ever read.

John L. Floyd MD, author of the Amazon nonfiction best-seller The Expendable will present and discuss the US Navy’s role in defending Bataan in the opening months of WWII in the Pacific Theater.

With virtually no American air defense remaining after the initial Japanese attack on MacArthur’s airfields, Admiral Hart sent his Far East Fleet South, leaving behind only two units: PBY Patrol Wing 10 and Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 3. A hero of each of these squadrons, connected by a remarkable corpsman who served in both, is the framework for Dr. Floyd’s talk and introduction to his book.

Following decades of medical practice in Iowa, John Floyd retired to Tucson. The author of dozens of published peer-reviewed scientific articles turned his focus to finishing and publishing a long-researched book about a Navy Corpsman in the opening months of WWII in the Philippines. His award-winning The Expendable, released in 2020, was a critical success and Amazon best-seller. His most recent work, a WWII short story is a finalist in the AAA Literary competition. John and his wife Barbara met as active duty USAF officers in 1970, and they have been exploring the world since. You can find out more about Dr. Floyd and his book at The Expendable website:

John will be speaking to the Roundtable on Monday, November 7, at 1 p.m., in the East ballroom of the Mountainview Clubhouse. The Roundtable does not charge dues, however a one dollar donation at the door is asked to cover taking the speaker and spouse to lunch and to cover driving expenses for out-of-town speakers.

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